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Willard C. Losinger

Willard C. Losinger


Musician, Writer, Photographer, World Traveler, Artist,
Former Statistician and Recovered Government Employee

Hopefully, you will find here something that is either enjoyable or intriguing


  • Enthrall your mind in my Statistical Stuff section, where you may read about my glorious contributions to the fields of Statistics, Economics and Epidemiology; marvel at my Professional Experiences; and derive a thrill from my extensive list of Professional Publications.

  • Exalt your soul by beholding a sample of my Works of Art (a few drawings, and some photoshop stuff--I really need to do some more).

  • Enrapture your spirit by viewing some of my Travel Photos (they're great!) from my days as a World Traveller during the 1980s. I feature sections on Tonga, Samoa, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.

  • Savor a supreme sense of sublimity from gazing upon some of my more recent Digital Photos, including sections devoted to animals, flowers, fruits, Harbor Springs and Illinois.

  • Watch some videos at my YouTube Channel (mostly music performed by my daughter and me, plus slide shows of some of my photographs).

  • Enjoy reading my blog on The Meaning of Sexual Objectification (thought-provoking social commentary and ribald satire).

  • I also have a Statistical Blog (but I don't keep up with it any more).

  • If for some odd reason you wish to contact me, try (who knows? I might respond).

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