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Artistic Photographs of Tonga, 1984-1986
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Downtown Nuku'alofa, Taufa'ahau Road (the Main Street), plus the Morris Hedstrom Store

Downtown Nukualofa       Downtown Nukualofa       Morris Hedstrom Store

Nuku'alofa Market Scenes

Market Scene       Market Scene

Market Scene       Nukualofa Market       Nukualofa Market

The Centenary Wesleyan Methodist Church in Nuku'alofa

Centenary Wesleyan Church       Centenary Wesleyan Church       Wesleyan Ladies

Royal Palace, Church of Tonga, and Basilica of St. Anthony in Nuku'alofa

Royal Palace       Church of Tonga       St Anthony Basilica

An Old Catholic Church, Mormon Temple, and the Royal Tombs in Nuku'alofa

Old Catholic Church       Mormon Temple       Royal Tombs

King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV (the Fat Guy on the Bicyle) Exercising with the Hash House Harriers in Nuku'alofa

King Exercising       King Exercising       King Exercising

A Parade Day

The Tongan Army       The Girl Scouts       A Marching Band

The Tonga Morris Men in Nuku'alofa

Morris Dancer       Morris Dancers       Morris Dancers Heilala Week

Heilala Week Violin       Violinists for Morris Dancers

Tonga Morris Men       Fiddler at the Beach       Tonga Morris Men

Heilala Week Parade and Performances in Nuku'alofa

Heilala Week Parade       Heilala Week Parade

Heilala Week Dance Performance       Heilala Dancer       Heilala Dancer

Heilala Week Dancers       Heilala Week Fire Dance

Heilala Week Fire Dance       Dancing with Fire

Tongan Cemetaries in Tongatapu

Tongan Cemetary       Tongan Cemetary

Ancient Tongan Arch, Ancient Tombs in Mu'a, Tongatapu

Tonga Arch       Ancient Tomb at Mua

Blow Holes, Houma, Tongatapu

Houma Blow Holes       Houma Blow Holes       Houma Blow Holes

Cook's Landing, Sunset on South Coast, and the Flying Foxes of Kolovai

Landing Place of Captain Cook       Sunset South Coast of Tongatapu       Flying Foxes

Ha'atafu Beach

Haatafu Beach       Haatafu Beach

Playing Cards at the Beach       Women Under Tree at Beach       East Coast of Tongatapu

East Coast -- you can see 'Eua in the distance

East Coast of Tongatapu       Horse under Cliff

Pangaimotu Island

Pangaimotu Island       Richard and Willy       Richard and Willy

Snorkeling Along the Coral Reef Just Behind the Royal Palace in Nuku'alofa

Snorkeling       Coral       Coral

Coral       Coral

Coral       Coral

Pigs, Peace Corps Volunteers, Other People

Pig and Old Car       Piggies

Statistics Office       Volunteers at Work

Willard Losinger       Wedding       Wedding Feast       A Tongan Woman

Inter-Island Transport: The Olovaha, to the Major Ports, and Small Boats to the Smaller Islands

Olovaha       Small Boat to Smaller Points of Call

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