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Willard C. Losinger

Willard C. Losinger


Innovation, Integrity, Honesty, Efficiency

I'm not really consulting any more, but if something interests me, then I might take a look

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Click Here for my Professional Contributions Thrill yourself by reading about my breath-taking and enlightened contributions to the fields of statistics, economics, and epidemiology. By the way, I possess a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kalamazoo College (1981), with a double major in French and Biology. I also have two Master of Science degrees: one in Biostatistics (Western Michigan University, 1983), and the other in Agricultural and Resource Economics (Colorado State University, 1997).
Click Here for my Professional Experiences Relish my bragging about my "Professional Experiences", such as they were. Mostly a bunch of shyte, as most of my career was spent as a servile civil servant on the payroll of the pathetic and ridiculous federal government. But, hey, any more, one is lucky just to have a government job.
Click Here for my Publications List Behold my precious list of professional publications, and hang your head in shame if your list is any shorter than mine. Among "Professionals", the length of the list of publications substitutes for the length and breadth of one's penis in asserting one's status in other social venues.

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